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The Council of the RSC is the primary policy-making body of the organization. The Members of the Council shall consist of: Officers of the RSC, Secretaries of the Academies, and of the College, two (2) other Officers of the Academy of Science, the Honorary Editor, the Foreign Secretary, the Expert Panels Secretary, the Chairs of Standing Committees, except for those chaired by the Past President, and three (3) representatives of the Institutional Members chosen by the Executive Committee. The Institutional Representatives shall serve for a term of three (3) years and shall rotate among the Institutional Members. The external members of the Executive Committee shall be non-voting members of the Council. 

Members of the College shall not be eligible for appointment as Chairs of Standing Committees, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Foreign Secretary, Expert Panels Secretary or Secretary of Communications. They shall be eligible for membership of committees, task forces and expert panels.

The executive committee of the Council of the RSC